So as to hold ourselves to this pledge, at the end of each year all contributors to MUMs will receive a
for that year.

MUMs Transportaion
MUMs Garage
Giving to MUMs
. . . .  we pledge to you . . .

that whenever  we receive more than we need to meet our annual budget . . . . .

we will also equitably distribute that money to Christian Non-Profit ministries that are home-based, operating within the limits of Maury County!

We further pledge to you that we will always make every effort to keep our budgeted operating expenses as low as possible!

 . . . and . . .

We pledge to you that we will always practice
We believe that God has called the Body of Christ in every community to work together and to support one another whenever possible!  Because of this deeply held belief . . . . .   

Your trust is a precious thing to us,
We will work to keep it!

"May they be brought to complete unity to let the world know that You sent Me and have loved them even as You have loved Me."
"I proy for all who will believe in Me, that they may be one."
Contributions may be mailed to:

MauryUNITED Ministries
812 N. Main St
Mt. Pleasant, TN    38474


. . . from the beginning, MUMs has contributed 10% of it's donated income to Non Profit Christian Ministries and to needy individuals in Maury County . . .

        Beyond that . . . . .